Regional Village: The Perks Of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

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Jul 3rd - 2024

Your manager has established that for the upcoming quarters, you must reach a certain set of milestones that your team alone is unable to complete. You’ve been allowed to hire external individuals, but they must be available to work during your regular office hours. What will you do? Looks like you’ll need to nearshore staff augmentation in the not so distant future. 

The Basics Of Nearshoring Staff Augmentation Services

Nearshore staff augmentation is the process of outsourcing members of neighboring countries to your currently existing workforce. Unlike the term “offshoring”, the nearshore tech talent that’s hired is usually located in a neighboring country; offering cheaper and more effective development solutions than hiring local talent. 

There are several staff augmentation companies in USA, who offer businesses the possibility to expand their IT team with qualified professionals on a temporary or permanent basis. 

That being said, Thomas Monteiro of Global Finance Magazine reports that the overall nearshoring industry in South America is headed to reap an estimated $29 billion per year in nearshoring initiatives. 

Benefits of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Apart from an exchange rate that usually plays to your advantage, there are several reasons why companies now turn to nearshore staff augmentation services: 

Access to a wider pool of individuals

Having the best individuals for the task at hand transcends geographic borders, more so in the age of remote work and interconnected teams. There is a high probability that the best person for the job you need might not be living in the city, state, let alone country you’re in.

An improved level of communication and collaboration 

Offshore teams that live half a world away slow your response time, as the team is not working in your regular office hours. Say goodbye to 12-hour response times thanks to nearshore staff augmentation. 

The cultural gap

Traditional offshoring can be undermined due to cultural differences, as team members located far away may have communication styles or work expectations that are different from your own. 

Nearshoring, on the other hand, gathers teams from a similar region. When there is a cultural alignment, it’s easier to set project requirements and parameters. Regional similarities in communication ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Finally, you can reach your goals and hit the market at a much faster speed. Nearshoring IT teams avoid the inconsistencies of different time zones. The communications are efficient and the workflows are streamlined thanks to the reduction in the time zone disparity, faster feedback loops, and even the possibility of in-person meetings when necessary, given the geographic proximity. This results in a quicker product development that lets you reach your customers quickly.

Unlock IT project success with nearshore staff augmentation
Unlock IT project success with nearshore staff augmentation

How Nearshore Staff Augmentation Works: An Expert’s Perspective

Let’s go over some of the nearshore staff augmentation elements with insights from an expert.

 Yoav Bar Nov is a Senior Staffing Solutions Expert in staff augmentation services company All Stars IT. He mentions two key insights regarding nearshoring IT services:

  • Given the advent of AI-powered automation services, nearshore teams that focus on customer experience will be able to concentrate on more intricate requests from clients.
  • Given that AI, cloud computing and the Internet of Things will require a robust partnership between a client and its provider, nearshoring is a particularly beneficial strategy, given the cultural similarity between teams. 

Similarly, he provides a series of critical considerations when dealing with nearshore IT services:

  • Make sure that your supplier has the technical know-how to do the job. Make sure that your partner has the proper qualification to meet your technology requirements. You do this by assessing the provider’s standing in the field, identifying what type of work they have done in the past, and evaluateing any testimonies and recognitions they might have received.
  • Just as important, make sure that the provider is able to scale their business according to your needs. They should be able to change team sizes, redistribute resources, and deal with unforeseen circumstances promptly and effectively.

Endless Possibilities: Examples Of Nearshore Staff Augmentation Services

While nearshore staff augmentation service providers offer a wide range of services that cater to several business needs, the main uses of these teams are the following: 

  • Software Development: The absolute classic. Hire foot soldiers from a nearby region who will be able to handle all stages of the software development lifecycle.
  • App Maintenance, Quality Assurance, and Support: While not creating the product itself, these teams might be assigned with its upkeep. This frees up internal resources for new projects and initiatives.
  • IT Infrastructure Management: Nearshore staff augmentation of IT professionals can manage and maintain your company’s servers, databases, and the general architecture of the website. It is similar to the App Maintenance option, but focuses on the backbone of your product.

Belatrix’s Approach to Staffing Nearshore Services

Nearshoring is one of Belatrix’s many staff augmentation services in USA and the world. Our nearshore team approach consists of three main focus areas: 

  • Global Talent Pool: With a diverse pool of developers located across various regions, we can provide nearshore staff augmentation services that match you with professionals in or near your time zone.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Our developers can adjust their schedules to ensure a significant overlap with your team’s working hours, facilitating real-time collaboration. This is the heart of nearshore services.
  • Customized Teams: We’ll work with you to build a team that not only fits your preferred working schedule,   has the right skills to get the job done.

Nearshoring IT is the ultimate regional solution for companies that aim to be cost-effective, smart in their hiring, and efficient when executing projects. By leveraging a team via nearshore staff augmentation, companies can gain access to a wider pool of skilled professionals, improve communication and collaboration, and ultimately achieve their business goals.

Tech Trends
Jul 3rd - 2024