Revolutionizing Consumer Analytics with Belatrix's Expertise

Consumer Edge sought to elevate its analytics platform to deliver deeper, more nuanced insights tailored to various user profiles.

The platform's evolution led to a workflow that not only enhanced user capabilities and quick and efficient access to valuable information.

Executive Summary

Understanding consumer behavior is crucial for businesses aiming to excel in today’s competitive landscape. Consumer Edge, a premier data insights company, has consistently provided deep insights into consumer spending since its inception in 2009. With a rich history in data-driven research, Consumer Edge has expanded its services to meet the needs of diverse clients, from investors to corporate strategists, by harnessing the power of data and technology for actionable consumer insights.

Challenge and Opportunity

Consumer Edge sought to elevate its analytics platform to deliver more profound, more nuanced insights tailored to various user profiles. The ambition was to foster scalable development of customizable dashboards, refine the user experience, and streamline the login process, all to expedite the journey from data to actionable insights for its users.

Approach and Solution

Belatrix conducted a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape for Data Insight trends across North America, crafting strategic recommendations to enhance the user experience and address the challenges of utilizing a data analytics platform. Through internal workshops, user interviews, and research, Belatrix pinpointed the core user personas, uncovering their mindsets, expectations, and requirements throughout their interaction with the platform. The result was creating a user experience design that was intuitive and scalable and supported a robust and user-friendly structure. In an era where organizations are searching for innovative strategies to leverage data for informed decision-making, Consumer Edge positioned itself as a leader in consumer data insights, catering to both large and small enterprises.

Key Themes and Benefits

Belatrix’s product evolution strategy focused on captivating users with an intuitive, powerful tool that clearly communicated the application’s value proposition, leading to enhanced user retention and accelerated prospect conversion rates. By identifying and adapting the product to cater to the needs of new primary users, Belatrix redefined the delivery of insights, opening doors to new, expansive markets and capitalizing on a $43 billion opportunity.

The UniVision platform, a unification of Consumer Edge’s Vision and Investor platforms, was designed to scale effectively while significantly improving the user experience. It addressed critical gaps between Corporate and Investor use cases, such as advanced filtering and slicing capabilities, scalable dashboard development, and unified contextual expertise.

User Research and Platform Evolution

Belatrix’s user research was dedicated to comprehensively understanding and evolving the platform to align with the needs of CFOs, business strategists, financial analysts, and learner analysts. The evolution of user personas facilitated advanced analysts in effortlessly sharing insights and empowered all users to discover actionable intelligence with minimal effort. The platform’s evolution led to a workflow that enhanced user capabilities and ensured quick and efficient access to valuable information. This transformation provided immediate, tailored value, boosting user satisfaction and contributing to the overall growth of the business.

Metrics and Logic

Belatrix implemented a meticulous approach to understanding how each user needs to analyze the different cuts and breakdowns of consumer transaction data—enabling users to navigate through a wealth of insights easily. This included detailed filters, breakdowns, and dimensions that allowed users to dissect monthly observed sales, retention, market share, competitors, online versus offline customers, accelerators, and decelerators in the industry, among other intelligence dashboards.


The advancements brought to Consumer Edge’s platform by Belatrix built the foundation that allows Consumer Edge to evolve their current SAAS product into a powerful solution that enhances data analysis, user experience, and supports diverse use cases. The UniVision platform has redefined the consumer insights landscape, propelling growth and solidifying the product’s position in the industry.

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