Gannett Collaborates with Globant for Dynamic Solutions

Our partnership with Globant has been an enlightening journey, connecting us with a diverse group of talented individuals worldwide.

Gannett Reinforces Technological Endeavors: Leveraging Globant's Expertise for Enhanced User Experience and Robust Platforms

Gannett CO, a highly-regarded media conglomerate known for its dynamic consumer product and sports media divisions, has been leveraging the expertise of Globant to reinforce its technological endeavors. With a focus on enhancing the user experience of the USA Today mobile app and ensuring the robustness of its tangent platform, Gannett sought out the proficiency of staff augmentation teams to meet their ambitious goals. The technical prowess required was substantial, spanning across a diverse array of technologies including JavaScript, iOS, Android, Golang, test automation, manual testing, Node.js, web development, and PHP.

The collaboration between Gannett CO and Globant proved fruitful, as Gannett experienced the benefits of working with a multifaceted and geographically diverse team. The global talent pool brought in by Globant introduced innovative perspectives and a wealth of knowledge that Gannett was eager to tap into. This international synergy was not only exciting but also elevated the quality of work. Gannett commended the engagement team for their proactive approach, noting their responsiveness and commitment to tackling challenges head-on. Such a seamless integration of external expertise with Gannett’s internal processes was indicative of the harmonious partnership that had been fostered.

The success story of Gannett CO and Globant extends beyond the technical achievements. Gannett’s feedback highlighted the openness and willingness of the Globant team to function as an extension of their own workforce. The strong communication channels established allowed for effective issue resolution and knowledge sharing. Gannett felt a sense of unity, considering the long-term Globant team members as integral parts of their operations. This sentiment is a testament to the seamless integration and mutual respect cultivated over the course of the engagement, setting a benchmark for how staff augmentation can empower an organization to scale new heights in innovation and market responsiveness.

Global Talent and Responsive Collaboration

The engagement with Globant has been a journey of discovery, introducing us to an array of talented individuals from across the globe. The responsiveness of our Globant team is unparalleled, working alongside us to tackle challenges head-on. Their openness and proactive approach in staffing augmentation and issue resolution are truly commendable. We’ve come to see our long-standing Globant team members as essential to our core team, reflecting a seamless integration and a shared vision for success.

Cross-Border Expertise and Team Synergy

One of the most valued aspects of our partnership with Globant is the opportunity to collaborate with skilled professionals from various countries. This diversity brings unique perspectives and solutions to the table. Our Globant engagement team is not just responsive but also deeply committed to working through challenges collaboratively. The ease with which they assist in staffing and communicating to resolve issues speaks volumes of their dedication. The long-time members of the Globant team have become an indistinguishable part of our own, reinforcing the strength of our combined efforts.

Diversity, Responsiveness, and Integrated Teamwork

Working with Globant has been an enriching experience, primarily due to the talented and diverse individuals we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. The level of engagement from the Globant team is impressive; they are quick to respond and eager to work through any challenge that arises. Their willingness to adapt, whether it’s through augmenting staffing or resolving issues, has been pivotal in our operations. Over time, Globant’s team members have become more than partners; they are integral to our team, embodying the true spirit of collaboration and shared goals.

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The staff's ability to focus on the big picture is second to none. Their profound knowledge of data visualization allows us to have a solution for every problem. I have never worked with someone with a proven solution for many issues.


Research and Development

I'm particularly impressed with the one-on-one attention the Delivery Manager gives to each Glober. It's a proactive approach that not only highlights the good but also quickly addresses any issues, ensuring we tackle challenges together and continue to strengthen our partnership.

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineering

Working with Globant has been enriching. Their talented team, quick responses, and adaptability are pivotal. They are integral to our team, embodying collaboration and shared goals.

Product Manager


Engaging with Globant professionals is a joy. Their skills, collaborative environment, and exceptional work make them my preferred partners. Thank you, Globant, for everything!

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