Next-Gen Platforms: NantMedia and Globant's Empowering Collaboration

Discover the success story of NantMedia and Globant partnership, driving next-gen digital platforms for engaging journalism and interactive content.

Empowering Readers: NantMedia's Success with Globant's Next-Gen Digital Platforms

NantMedia, the parent company of the Los Angeles Times, has been partnering with Globant since 2019 to create next-generation digital platforms and optimize their reader-facing and editorial products and services. This collaboration has proven to be a tremendous success, enabling NantMedia to fulfill its mission of informing, engaging, and empowering readers through high-caliber journalism and interactive media content.

NantMedia highly appreciates Globant’s commitment to client service and technical expertise. The team at Globant has consistently gone above and beyond to assist NantMedia, whether it is in breaking down requirements, shifting priorities, or working with ambiguity. Their flexibility and willingness to help have allowed NantMedia to focus on other important tasks, and they are confident in the knowledge that they have a reliable and supportive partner in Globant.

The collaboration between NantMedia and Globant is characterized by a highly skilled and professional team. The individuals at Globant bring a wealth of skills, experience, and a strong work ethic to the table. The no-ego work environment created by the team fosters productive and enjoyable collaboration. In particular, the tech leads team members have demonstrated excellent leadership and technical skills, playing a vital role in the success of the partnership.

Overall, NantMedia has found working with Globant to be a highly positive experience. The team at Globant is not only technically capable but also cheerful, enthusiastic, and thoughtful in their approach to the work. This combination of technical expertise and positive work culture has made the partnership truly valuable for NantMedia, allowing them to deliver user-centric experiences and achieve their goals of connectivity between their audience and their journalism.

Committed Flexibility and Client Service

At the heart of our partnership with Globant is an appreciation for their unwavering readiness to assist, both strategically and in the minutiae. Their adeptness at navigating the complexities of requirement breakdowns, shifting priorities, and ambiguous situations has established them as an exceptionally adaptable ally. Globant’s dedication to client service is a cornerstone that allows me to allocate my focus more effectively across my responsibilities. Their support has been instrumental, and I extend my gratitude to Globant for a truly wonderful collaboration.

Self-Sufficient Innovation and Impactful Dedication

Globant stands out as a paragon of self-sufficiency and insight into our operational needs. Presenting them with the mere inception of an idea is enough to set their wheels in motion toward developing a comprehensive plan and executing it with precision. This level of autonomy grants me the luxury to concentrate on our end-users and customers, driving substantial impact for our business. The Globant team’s commitment to in-depth discussions, problem-solving, and thorough quality assurance is nothing short of impressive. Their dedication is a significant asset to our endeavors.

Professionalism, Skills, and a No-Ego Approach

Engaging with the professionals at Globant is an absolute joy. Each member of the Globant team brings a wealth of skills, experience, and work ethic, all while fostering a collaborative, no-ego environment that makes working together not just productive but also enjoyable. Their proficiency and ease of collaboration make them my preferred partners in any project. I am grateful for the exceptional work they continue to do for us and encourage them to maintain this amazing momentum. Thank you, Globant, for everything.

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The staff's ability to focus on the big picture is second to none. Their profound knowledge of data visualization allows us to have a solution for every problem. I have never worked with someone with a proven solution for many issues.


Research and Development

I'm particularly impressed with the one-on-one attention the Delivery Manager gives to each Glober. It's a proactive approach that not only highlights the good but also quickly addresses any issues, ensuring we tackle challenges together and continue to strengthen our partnership.

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineering

Working with Globant has been enriching. Their talented team, quick responses, and adaptability are pivotal. They are integral to our team, embodying collaboration and shared goals.

Product Manager


Engaging with Globant professionals is a joy. Their skills, collaborative environment, and exceptional work make them my preferred partners. Thank you, Globant, for everything!

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